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Painting the Watercolour “Cosmos”


Cosmos, a summer painting begun in the depths of winter!

Earlier in the year I wrote about my experience of using art in a therapeutic sense, specifically about painting for pleasure from time to time and occasionally being prepared to let go of working to a deadline.
Here you can see the watercolour entitled Cosmos which I began as something of a therapy painting after a resurgence of M.E. during the winter. It is quite a large watercolour at 22″x15″ and was painted slowly, and with enjoyment as the main ingredient. I began with a good idea of what I hoped to achieve but painting over several months certainly allowed my ideas to develop and the finished painting has grown beyond those first thoughts. In particular, I feel that there is a softness and peaceful quality which wouldn’t have been easy to achieve had there been a deadline looming. Obviously not all paintings can spill over into several months but there is a lot to be said for allowing this kind of relaxed approach once in a while. In the case of Cosmos, it brought me peace and healing and I would like to think that one day it will take that same sense of tranquillity and hazy lazy summer into the lives of those who view it.

The watercolour painting Cosmos will shortly be displayed in the Watercolour Gallery of this website.

For a step by step tutorial explaining some of the techniques used to develop the soft romantic feel of this painting visit me on Facebook.