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Painting The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge is a favourite subject for watercolour paintings, the tones of the river and surrounding landscape vary tremendously from moment to moment, delicate mistiness one minute, strong stormy hues the next.  Those who have never visited have a tendency to think that the flat lands of North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire don’t warrant much attention compared to the other beauties of Yorkshire but living here by the river as I have for twenty years I have come to know both it’s harshness and its beauty, seeing it sometimes as still and smooth as a mill pond, sometimes as angry and violent as a stormy sea with the South Bank lost in cloud or fog.  Often the beautiful Humber Bridge rises up elegantly out of the mist, a pale grey shadow.

In this area the bridge is a prominent part of the landscape and even away from the river by some miles it is always to be seen through trees or dramatically catching the evening sunlight to show brilliantly on the horizon.  Here is one such view which I painted recently along with a number of smaller watercolours taking the Humber Bridge in its landscape as my theme.

The Humber Bridge at Sunset By – Yorkshire Artist.   Watercolour 11″ x 8

Humber Bridge.jpeg

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