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New Landscapes for Autumn 2014

As an artist who loves to work out of doors I find I spend a lot of the year longing for the warmer weather and bright light of summer.  Who could say in all honesty that they don’t get enjoyment from sitting out of doors engaged in what they love most in the world with the added benefit of being warm and comfortable.

Picture the scene, tartan blanket in a shady spot, summer hat, paints, water and the artist engrossed in capturing the summer landscape with no need to concern herself with fading light, encroaching chills or sudden gusts of wind sending her running in all directions trying to catch what she has just spent several hours committing to paper.

Desirable as these comforts are it is nevertheless Autumn in all its variety which really inspires me.  From warm sunny days to lashing wind and rain suddenly the landscape wakes up from its hot and hazy summer holiday and springs into vibrant life.  Early in September there are warmer tones to light and foliage, shadows lengthen and days can become more unpredictable as does the quality of the light until the glorious late autumn finale allows the artist full reign with the earth pigments, the ochres, siennas and umbers of the palette.

Here in East Yorkshire we are blessed with the glorious foreshore at North Ferriby and autumn is no less inspiring beside the great River Humber than further inland amidst woods and fields.  My latest watercolour painting Evening Shadows at North Ferriby Foreshore captures the changing river landscape in early autumn, a dramatic sky, warm golden light on the pebbles and rocks of the beach and strong shadows cast by the aged and weathered wooden pillars sunk deep into the ground where the tide swirls about them as it has for countless autumns past and countless still to come.

You could almost say that summer is the landscape in its party dress, Autumn is where it reveals its bone structure

IMG_5117 - Copy